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Swing Doors (hollow metal door), and frame systems constantly strive to meet the demands of the steel door and frame industry by providing premium products to the customer. Standard features built into each door and frame reflects the constant attention to detail and performance.

Steel swing doors standard features include:
- 16, 18, 20 gauge flush door
- Seamless door edge
- Reversible
- 3 hour fire positive pressure label
- Cold rolled or galvanized steel
- Prime painted
- 7 gauge universal hinge reinforcements
- 12 gauge closer reinforcement
- 14 gauge flush sealed top channel / inverted bottom channel
- Sealed hinge cavity
- High density full body polystyrene core
- Blank edge doors includes rim exit device reinforcement
- Individual protective packaging
Hollow Metal Doors
Cold-rolled steel doors primed for interior applications and galvanized steel with insulated cores for exterior applications. Standard doos are 1 3/4" (45mm) in thickness, and are available in 16, 18 and 20 gauge. All swing doors are distributed by DKS and approved by Warnock Hersey (WH 3HR) fire labeling programs. Full-fulsh doors are standard with insulated polystyrene core.
Steel Swing Door Frames
Steel swing door frames are manufactures in standard size. These frames have the toughest tolerrances in the industry. Steel frames are all available in 16 and 18 gauge for 1 3/4" doors. All standard frames are distributed by DKS, and manufactured from cold-rolled or galvanized steel. Fire labeled steel frames is approved by Wanock Hersey (WH).
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